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There Are Secrets...Faith

If you really claim to have faith in a predetermined outcome, then here’s a test for the strength in which you really believe it or not:

  • When confronted with what seems to be a setback regarding your goals, do you get stressed out?

  • When people share with you why you can’t do something do you get defensive and argue with them?

  • If you’ve set a goal and didn’t reach it by the date you committed to, do you quit on your goal?

  • When faced with adversity that challenges your worthwhile dream or goal do you get anxious and or nervous?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions then I would encourage you to work on your faith. The best analogy I ever heard regarding faith was this. If you were watching a game in which you already knew the outcome, how exciting is the game? It’s not. Even if it was won at the last possible second in a ‘no way they are going to do this’ fashion, when you already know who wins you’re just watching the act of it play out.

Having faith in a predetermined outcome is exactly the same thing. When you ‘know’ you’ve already accomplished your goal even though it hasn’t physically manifested itself yet, then where’s the stress, defensiveness, quitting, and anxiousness coming from? It can only come from the opposite of faith…fear, doubt and worry.

There are secrets to success…faith, in my opinion, is the greatest one. If you are like most people and are lacking in it then I would you suggest you find someone who has it, ask them how to they got it, and if they would teach you. Then have ‘faith’ that you will learn its power too!