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Happy Valentines Day…Everyday

So today, February 14th, 2017 is the infamous Hallmark Holiday, Valentines Day. It is a day to profess your love and adoration to that special someone in your life. Special dinners, flowers, poems, gifts, are all showered upon the love of your life on this one day to show them that you sincerely love and appreciate them.

I’m not a fan.

Shoot me, call me Chief Dark Cloud, and never read another Daily Inspiration if that offends you. My only challenge with Valentines Day is why in the world would anyone choose only ONE DAY of the year to have a special occasion to show their significant other that they loved and appreciated them? What happened to doing that every day?

As many of you may know, I'm over the moon in adoration with my incredible lover, Stephanie Byriel and recently got engaged. One day not to long ago, I happened upon a jewelry store and stopped in to surprise my soon to be bride with a gift. It wasn’t expensive, gaudy, and shouted, “look at me world” it was a small token of my appreciation for all that she's brought to my life. When I decided to purchase the gift, the salesperson asked me this question, “What is the occasion for the gift? Birthday, Anniversary, etc.,” she said.

I replied, “No occasion, just because…”

To which she said, “Wow, who does that?”

Which brings up my point exactly. Why does it take for a special occasion to let those you know that you are closest too what they mean in your life?

Over 22 years ago, I lost both my mother and father only 31 days apart. Though it was a challenging time for me at that time, I was totally prepared for it because of the lessons my mother taught me as a young man. I recall during one of my relatives funerals being sad and despondent when she shared with me these words of wisdom that I carry with me today. She said, “Bretty, see all the flowers that are around the coffin today? Make sure that you give those you love flowers while they are here rather than lie them on their grave when they’re not.”

I never forgot that.

You never know when that day will come when you or someone you love will no longer be around physically to share all the wonderful emotions and experiences of life with. So rather than wait until February 14th every year to do so, why don’t you give them flowers any day, just because? Do what you want; this is just my humble opinion…AND I want all of you to know that you are sincerely loved and appreciated and wish you a Happy Monday; AKA Valentines Day!