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Life Goes On...

What’s this experience called life really about? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions and pondered the answers? Somewhere along this journey we are all taking here on planet earth most of us have thought about these confounding questions and even more elusive answers.

I sure as heck do not know the answers and don’t pretend to, however, I consistently ask the questions of myself and every once in awhile I get a brief ‘Aha’ moment that gives me a little more clarity along the way. This past Tuesday afternoon in a small town in Florida was one of those moments.

While attending the funeral of my Godson’s mother in a small church in Chumuckla, FL (population 850), I found myself asking these questions anew. His mother died unexpectedly of a prescription drug overdose. The deadly combination of her addiction to painkillers and alcohol came together in a Molotov cocktail that extinguished her life at only 42 years of age. Left behind is her 16-year old son (my Godson), his father (her ex-husband) and family to pick up the pieces of their suddenly tattered life.

While sitting in the church sanctuary watching her mourning friends and family paying their last respects; out of nowhere a young girl about three years old bolted right past the coffin and up the pulpit steps oblivious to the gravity of the occasion. Though her fast in pursuit mother swiftly captured her, it was only a matter of minutes before she escaped her captor and took off again to the erstwhile pulpit that in her eyes was much more suitable as a playpen.

As the playful little girl was once again seized by her mother and the chuckles subsided, all seemed to settle back into the somber mood of a funeral…until…the soft uplifting background music being played through the audio system was abruptly interrupted by the dissonance of the church piano keyboard being assaulted by a three year old boy.

After looking around and seeing the tears and melancholy mood turn into smiles and subdued laughter, it dawned on me that no matter what…life goes on. We are only here for a brief vapor of time. As we come and go, another life is created that picks up where we left off and continues the cycle of life. What we do while we’re here and as a result what we leave behind is the only testimony of the life we’ve lived. Everything in between means little to nothing in the bigger scheme of things.

The arguments we have…what a joke; the challenges we perceive…whatever; the hurt that we think will never be healed…r-i-g-h-t; the joy that we think can never be duplicated…really? We do a heck of a job making a big deal out of nothing and taking ourselves WAY too seriously!

If you doubt me; tell the little boy and girl all of your problems, burden them with the weight of your sadness and tears, then watch them look at you befuddled for a moment, take off and LIVE! Why would they do anything else…life is an adventure to be explored, enjoyed and revel in its wonder rather than be mourned!

Make yours worthy of celebrating…it’s only temporary anyway – life goes on…