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Onto Tomorrow & Number 1,536

Today is a special day indeed! On December 4, 2006 I started writing, compiling, and distributing Daily Inspirations to touch, move and inspire the world. This occurred Monday-Thursday for 7.5 years, 390 weeks and 1,534 days. Then life hit me with a left uppercut and right cross that floored me and I struggled mightily to get up. Not one to give up that easily, before the count reached 9, I got back on my feet and here I stand.

Today marks the return of this labor of love that was put into hibernation and has lied dormant for the past three years since July 17, 2014. Now I'm back and ready to share insights from my own life and some of the most successful people in the history of the world. People who have lived and live lives of magnificence while discovering their full potential. In so doing, like Hansel of the fable Hansel and Gretel, they are leaving a trail for us to follow and pick up the crumbs of their knowledge, experience and wisdom to gobble up and nourish our souls.

Of course this labor of love didn’t start that way…it never does.

The examples in which we aspire to emulate due to the extraordinary feats that these persons have accomplished started out just like these Daily Inspirations did. After a thought, dream or desire; there was the impetus to take the very first step…then another…then another…and on it goes day by day. The paradox of any true achievement is the simplicity by which it occurs. Though the results seem to be otherworldly, the path in which it was created was really normal; almost frighteningly so.

It is not the one burst of inspiration or effort that leads to remarkable results; it is the day-by-day drudgery of repeating a simple task again, and again, and again. You do enough ‘agains’ and there will be a moment in time when preparation meets opportunity and what seems to be a miraculous occurrence to others becomes almost passé to the man or woman who has only executed what the mind, body and spirit was trained to do through repetition and training.

There really are no secrets other than the commitment it takes to toil endlessly with the faith that one day your work will bear fruit. Little do most realize that the Universal principle of sowing and reaping “always” works. A wise man said it best when he shared, “be not weary in well doing for in due time you shall reap the harvest.”

For all who have read these Daily Inspirations, passed them on, been challenged, touched, moved, motivated, or just plain frustrated at their insights; I want to give you my most sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for joining me in this journey. In addition I want to thank all of the authors who have generously allowed me to share their words with you. Their lives are the true inspiration for these to begin with.

Though I am both startled and proud of reaching 1,535, I have to say that the true joy rest not in the destination but in the journey. Over the years I have been blessed beyond words in receiving the gift that keeps on giving…sharing these with you.

Let’s take a deep breath, embrace this moment of gratitude together…then get back to work. We’ve got a world that needs to discover their full potential. Onto tomorrow and number 1,536.


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