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Didn't Fool Me...

Happy Halloween! Today, Monday October 31, 2017 and the weekend prior, as is the custom on this day, are opportunities for us to put on a costume and dress up like our favorite character, super hero, object or person. This tradition of putting on makeup, clothes, wigs, accessories and the like is SO HUGE, that some businesses are ONLY opened to support the costume frenzy it creates during this holiday then close immediately after it’s over.

Though this celebration is designed to have a tremendous amount of fun and revelry included with it as we disguise ourselves; for those of us whose friends, family and coworkers celebrate this occasion by dressing up and pretending to be someone else; we all know who’s really underneath the façade.

Or do we?

We’re assuming that the only costume they were wearing was their guise on Halloween.

Although the physical attire of our disguise may have been shed, a lot of us still keep a psychological costume on. So much so that not only others but oftentimes even WE don’t recognize or know ourselves anymore. Personally, I think one of the saddest experiences in the world is living someone else’s ideal of who you ‘SHOULD BE’ rather than living into who you ‘KNOW YOU ARE’. We walk around with costumes that our spirit knows we’re wearing even when no one else recognizes it.

How do you know if this is you? It’s pretty simple actually…you’re absolutely miserable. Living a lie is draining, depressing, challenging, confusing, full of despair, and really sucks! If you’re still not sure if this applies to you or someone you know, here are some symptoms:

  • You’re in a relationship that you don’t want to be in because society or your family thinks you should be.

  • You’re working at a job that you hate; complain about all the time, yet you do it just to get a paycheck.

  • You’re participating in activities that you get no joy out of but do anyway because your friends and family do.

  • You’re spouse or significant other is always telling you ‘how you should be different’ than who you are.

  • You’re in an organization that you ‘think’ you believe in until you look inward and realize you never did.

If any of the above applies to you, I would encourage you to take off your costume and let the world see who you really are. You’ll not only personally experience the freedom of taking off the weight of your false identity; perhaps for the first time you’ll finally get to experience the peace and fulfillment of unconditional love and acceptance. You see, who you are is truly magnificent, miraculous and perfect. You really are powerful beyond measure…just as you are.

Some of your erstwhile friends and acquaintances may not like you anymore when they see your true self because they only liked the fake you anyway. They never knew the ‘real you’ to love. Those who love you for everything you are…and aren’t, are the ones that are going to be the happiest for you. Even if you didn’t, we’ve known who you were all along. Like your Creator…you never fooled us anyway!