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You Don’t Say?

I’m about to share with you one of the greatest success secrets used and understood by the top achievers in human history who used it to scale levels of accomplishment once thought impossible; Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Buddha, Confucius, Plato, Socrates, Muhammad Ali.

It is so profound that most people just don’t believe it could be that simple—which is why so few ever achieve greatness in any field of endeavor. I share this not as a shaman sharing theoretical insight, but as an example of its power and truth.

*Please read on only under the following condition: You will apply this to your own life and reap the rewards then pay it forward to the masses so they will benefit from its’ power and truth. OK, ready? Let's go...

Your words are your seeds.

Wait; what? Yup that’s it…nothing more, nothing less. What you say is what you get; you are hung by the tongue; ask and you shall receive. Mind-bending, isn’t it?

Some reading this right now are, as sure as my name is Brett, thinking, “whatever!?” For those who are open-minded enough to entertain the idea that there may be some truth in this, I ask that you try the following test.

  • Find a friend, family member, spouse, etc., and ask them to listen closely to what you say for a day.

  • Their job is to take note of how many words of fear, doubt, worry, lack, concern, etc. you share in that time period. Some words (phrases) to pay attention to:

  • I can’t…, I’ll try to…, I hope it…, it’s impossible to…, the problem is…it’s really hard…etc.

  • If you’re not getting what you want in life, you may want to notice that you are getting exactly what you are saying.

An example of this is hidden in the following true story. In 1964 the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World was Sonny Liston. A former prison inmate, the undefeated Liston destroyed every man who stepped foot in the ring with him—and in a boxing ring, no man was more feared on the planet.

Then along comes a 21-year-old, brash, young Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, who before he ever set foot in the ring stated, “I am the greatest! Better yet, I am the double greatest!” Against overwhelming odds, the underdog Cassius Clay went on to defeat the menacing Sonny Liston in six rounds, and both boxing and world history were forever changed. Before Clay ever was “The Greatest,” he not only believed he was but more importantly he said he was. At the highest levels of achievement in every area, whether it’s sports, business, relationships or school, if you speak it…you will reap it.

The challenge we all face is self-doubt, fear and worry when it comes to our goals and lives. You can always tell the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one by the way they speak. Successful people “speak” what they want into existence whether they can see it or not. It takes a little faith, a little training and a lot of awareness but everyone can do it.

So this I say to you: “You are the greatest! In fact, you are the double greatest! You are the cat’s meow, the shiznit, da bomb, the cream of the crop, and the best of the best. You are one BAD MAMA JAMA! There ain’t nothin’ you can’t do and no one who can stop you!”

Except the you in the past who didn’t know this…too late…now you do!


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