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It's Not What You've Done...It's What You're Doing

I have a confession to share with you…over the past several years; I feel like I’ve really sucked. Life hit me with a thundering roundhouse punch right on the kisser and I got knocked the funk out! Not down for the count, but after a count of 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…I’ve groggily come back to my senses and recognized that I’ve got to get up and get back into this fight. I realize I needed all seven counts to clear the cobwebs out of my noggin’ and now at the count of 8, I’m back on my feet and ready to rumble. Life; while arrogantly hanging out in his corner smugly thinking I was down for the count, has the look of terror in his eyes right now because he’s seen this response before…and got his ass kicked every single time.

For those who think there’s an arrival point in which all of your problems go away and you’ve completed the journey of discovering your full potential, I want you to know; it’s a lie. This is the paradox of high achievement at every level. Once you’ve attained what you previously thought was almost impossible…or only for the ‘chosen’ few, you realize that as cool as the accomplishment was…there’s nothing there. At least not what you thought would be the magical elixir of peace, fulfillment and happiness. What shows up is a really simple question that will befuddle the heck out of you unless you get past the accomplishment and realize it really is the journey that matters most.

That question is this, “OK stud, great job…NOW WHAT?”

It’s truly the beauty of our human experience and our unquenchable thirst for knowledge and excellence that drives us Homo Sapiens. No matter what we do, accomplish, have, achieve; all it means is one “impossibility” has now been conquered so another even greater “possibility” can be born. This is the essence of my company's Vision, “that all human beings discover their full potential”. The true reality of “full potential” is realizing that it’s really “infinite potential”. It’s not what you get…it’s who you become that’s so valuable.

To be frank, I’m sharing this from a place of understanding that few ever ascend to. I'm honored to share that I've literally accomplished and attained almost every possible wish, dream or desire a human being could ever want. And still, I get my ass kicked by life because, well…I’m human. And a human being on the quest to discover their full potential better prepare for the challenges that comes with it and know/learn that without them you don’t discover the infinite possibilities that your full potential unleashes.

Though my past may be filled with several successfully passed lessons, it’s not what you’ve done that matters. The only time we have is “NOW”. The next moment, minute, hour or day is not promised. Therefore, it’s what we do during our “now’s” that creates the futures we aspire to. So, no matter where you’re at on your journey, it’s not what you’ve done, it’s what you’re doing right now that means the most. Personally, my ‘doing’ had been sucking because I was consumed by what I had ‘done’. I get the distinction now and hope that my experience of sucking will support you in discovering your full potential. Thanks for listening to my conversation to me ;-).


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