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Like a boomerang, ‘what comes around goes around’…so the saying goes? Ain’t it the truth? I don’t know about you but whenever I’m confronted with a challenging occurrence that includes another human being, I find it really easy and satisfying to point the finger at them and announce, “You know, if you were only different, we wouldn’t be dealing with this challenge right now.”

What’s so funny most of the time is that the ‘real’ challenge is…me. When I look down my right and righteous index finger wagging its judgments towards the object of my scorn and reprimand, I always get sucker punched by those three other digits pointing back at me pulling a Bugs Bunny exclaiming, “What’s up Doc?” That wascal wabbit gets me every time. It is a little-known truth that what we put out comes back. It is true of things that we want and even more so of the things we don’t want. For example, this may be a tough pill for some of us to swallow however, before placing blame; you may want to look in the mirror first if:

  1. You’re not happy with the people around you because they just don’t “get you”…

  2. People always seem to treat you with little respect…

  3. You just can’t understand why people aren’t more like you…

  4. You get mad because of someone else’s ignorance…

  5. You would have accomplished your goals but so and so didn’t do their part…

More times than not (as a matter of fact, almost EVERY TIME) people’s reaction to you is a direct reflection of what you’re putting out to them. Our environment is a mirror in which we get feedback as to our personal habits, personality, and blind spots. Using the above as examples, if you asked any objective third party around you that witnessed the same event that you had the aforementioned response to, they may share with you this hard and biting truth.

  1. You act like you don’t get others (and don’t seem to care), therefore they don’t get you!

  2. You treat others with little to NO respect (of course the little people deserve it no?).

  3. Other people can’t understand why you’re not more like them? (A little LOVE goes a long way here!)

  4. If you’re so smart, what’s the need for other opinions. You already know it all Bigshot.

  5. Maybe they didn’t do their part because the leader (Ahem, that’s you) sat on their butt and did nothing?

Whoo Boy, I know some of y’all are reading this right now and going, “Boy, this is soooo true! Thank goodness it doesn’t apply to me! ‘X’ (Fill in name here: ) really needs to read this!” Uhmmm, look up several paragraphs and I want you to read the title really s---l---o---w. Duck if it hasn’t hit you yet!



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