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Get A New Level Of Thinking (part 2)

As profoundly stated by Forrest Gump in the Oscar winning epic film of the same name, I found out that stupid really is as stupid does. The laws of success, defined as the ‘progressive realization of a worthy ideal, dream or goal’, are really simple…I'll say it again for dramatic impact; really simple. In their simplicity lies the conundrum. How can something so simple result in such extraordinary results?

Well, what I learned was that most of us (the majority) are following followers, not leaders. Followers don’t think. They ‘think’ they think but they don’t. They blindly do what everyone else around them are doing and telling them to do. They conform to the psyche of the masses and rarely question authority assuming the majority must be right. Since most people are not living lives of extraordinary success, they are listening to and learning from others in the same boat as they are, measurably average. As a result they become ‘stupid’ to the simple principles of success that work every time and keep repeating their patterns of failure (not successfully accomplishing their dreams, goals or desires) over and over again yet thinking the results should be different.

They’re using the same level of thinking that has resulted in their lives being one of quiet desperation or frustration to get them out of failure and into lives of extraordinary abundance. It doesn’t work. I'm intimately aware of this blind spot because that was me! However it does give you an abundance of despair, pain, and resignation. If this makes any sense to you I’d ask this question, “How’s that working for you?”

Here’s how simple it really is. Before I share it, I realize that some are going to read this list and go, “I already do that,” or “What’s the big deal about this one,” or “I agree with this one but I’m not sure about that one,” etc.. Consider this; if you are doing ALL of them already then you are living a life of extraordinary success and need to read no further. If not, read Tuesday's part 1 again and consider that maybe there’s some truth to the title of this Daily Inspiration for you. Here’s what I learned, apply, live and share.

  1. Dream – Dream big, bodacious ‘I can’t wait to achieve that’ type of dreams. As the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Dream big dreams for only they have the ability to move men’s souls.” Dream BIG and start backwards with a clear picture of what you'd like to accomplish.

  2. Set your goals – Get crystal clear on exactly what you want, write it down and put a ‘by when’ date on it. Napoleon Hill calls it ‘Definiteness of purpose’, Steven Covey writes ‘Begin with the end in mind’ , biblically it's stated in Proverbs 29:18 'Man without vision shall perish', and in The Secret it’s the ‘Law of Attraction’. No matter how you slice it, you’ve absolutely got to know where you’re going first.

  3. Love what you do – You’ve got to be fanassionous (fanatical, passion, with a purpose) about that ‘thing’ that you do. If you don’t currently love what you do, you need to find something you will love. If you don’t love it, then you'll look at it like work and will never put in the effort needed to achieve greatness when that’s so. Which brings us to the next point.

  4. Work Ethic/Plan Your Work-Work Your Plan – You’ve got to do more than everyone else and have an insatiable will to win…period. First to arrive, last to leave, doing more than what’s expected and do it with joy and gratitude. Once you know exactly what you want and you make a plan to achieve it, you’ve got to work your plan. Take action, then some more action, generate massive action, then repeat.

  5. Speak/Visualize – Speaking and visualizing what you want as if it is will result in it coming to be. There are various terms for it; self-affirmations, auto suggestion, visualization, etc., and they all work. They increase your minds ability to conceive and believe your dreams, therefore, bringing into your life the people, places and things necessary to achieve them.

  6. Faith – This is the granddaddy of them all. Faith is defined as, ‘the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ It is an absolutely critical component of manifesting your hearts desire. Faith comes by hearing. To increase your faith re-read #5 again, and again, and again. Without faith, you will fall short of your goals every time. Unfortunately...oftentimes right before you reach breakthrough.

Stupid is as stupid does for everyone but you. You now know better and are getting a whole new level of thinking! And as you realize, knowing and not doing is…stupid. Therefore, I want to acknowledge all of you extraordinary human beings reading this that both ‘know’ and ‘do’. Congratulations on discovering your full potential; the world needs what only you can manifest.



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