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I've Gotta Have It Success!

So you “say” you want to be successful. Though the words that we speak are incredibly important in the equation of becoming successful, there is a huge chasm between ‘talking’ it and ‘walking’ it. One of the absolute truths that every successful person (as defined by them tangibly having the fruit on their tree of the top 10% achievers in their respective measurable fields) intimately understands is the difference between ‘wishing’ success’ and ‘I’ve GOTTA have it success’. A great mentor of mine named Bill once shared this story illustrating the difference.

While lounging on Waikiki beach in Hawaii on a business retreat a fellow colleague was sharing with him (Bill) how much he wanted to achieve what he had done. After listening to him go on and on about how bad he wanted it, Bill stopped him and said, “Are you sure you want to achieve what I have done?”

Puzzled, the colleague said, “Of course I do.”

“OK” said Bill, “follow me.”

He then took the hand of his colleague and started to walk into the ocean. After wading out into the water until it was about chest high, he looked over to his colleague and saw stark terror in his eyes. “What in the world is wrong with you?” asked Bill. To which his colleague responded, “I can’t swim.”

“Even better,” said Bill. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes I do,” the colleague shared.

“Good” said Bill, as he placed both hands on his nervous friends head and plunged him underwater.

After about 15 seconds of this, his colleague started to squirm to get from underneath the weight of his mentor. After about 30 seconds he started to get frantic and mightily struggled to get out of the water with Bill continuing to hold his thrashing body beneath the surface. At 45 seconds, the panicked colleague violently fought from underneath his mentor and thrust his body out of the ocean.

With one huge breath of air now in his lungs and breathing heavily, he looked at Bill and screamed, “What are you trying to do…kill me?”

“No,” said Bill. “When you want what I’ve done as bad as you needed to breathe…then you’ll get it.”

That is what ‘raw, unadulterated, I’ve GOTTA have it success’ looks like. When you will fight with every fiber of your mind, body and spirit to achieve a something…you will get it. You will seek out knowledge and wisdom from those who have done it. You will not use your limited thinking that has not produced the results you're seeking and trust in their guidance. You will do “whatever it takes” without negotiation. Then and only then will you know the sweet spoils of victory earned because you HAD TO HAVE IT AS BAD AS YOU NEED TO BREATHE!

The question is, “How bad do you want it?” Are you ‘wishing it’ or ‘you’ve GOTTA have it’? The choice is always yours.



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