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LIFE 101

This class that we live, called LIFE 101

Many teachers and lessons we share

If learning we love or abhor it the same

‘Tis a school we must go to with care

Of all of our teachings, from business to love

Unbreakable laws there exists

Spiritual tenets that reign on this earth

From our father above, is his gift

Regardless of race, religion or creed

Regardless of joy or of strife

The Alpha and Omega, affecting us all

Resides within God’s Tree of Life

The seeds that we plant, whether good or if bad

We will reap the harvest ‘twas sown

If it’s good, the fruit on our tree will grow sweet

If it’s bad, bitter taste will be known

To you, precious souls…my treasure on earth

Greater wealth on this earth’s never been

Than the man whose surrounded, supported and loved

By the angels of God; here called friends

This class we must pass, called LIFE 101

I admit, from you that I’ve known

Your answers thus written, spoken and lived

I have stolen and used as my own

Chase your dreams, sing your song, walk your walk, ring your bell

From you, I have learned all these facts

If you want love, then give it. If it’s time, then the same

What you want, give away, it comes back

I hope you’ll forgive me; I’ve plagiarized a lot

But more classes, I still have to take

I thank you again…and again…and again

For the LIFE you’ve allowed me to make!

The seeds that you’ve planted…fertile soil they lie

A lifetime to grow before ripe

This spiritual law; ‘what you sow will you reap’

From your seeds; fruit grows sweet; in my life


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