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Success Is Simple...It Just Ain't Easy

During a recent conversation I had with a lifelong friend of mine, we were discussing some characteristics of ‘World Changers’. The definition of ‘World Changer’ for me is someone whose accomplishments of his or her life literally change the world for the better. They are someone who has manifested his or her gifts into benefitting humanity in a magnificent way by living into their full potential.

If I were to ask you to name someone who you thought epitomized this moniker, several names jump out right away: Jesus; Ghandi; Buddha; Einstein; Gates; JFK; Musk; MLK; Lincoln; Socrates; Bezos; Mozart; Oprah; Zuckerberg; etc.. Most people would agree wholeheartedly with any of these people and add many more to the list…except themselves. Why?

I believe that this may be the greatest tragedy of mankind. To look at everyone else and say why “they” are special yet look at yourself and only see why you’re not. Bullhocky! Over the years I’ve personally spent quality time with many people that I would call ‘World Changers’. Legends like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Wynn, and Peter Gruber to name a few. In every example, the fact of the matter is that they are ordinary people just like you and I. The difference isn’t that they were inordinately talented, special or gifted; it is that they all did and do the simple tasks of being successful that others either won’t do, don’t want to do, or don’t know how to do.

None of them ‘arrived’ from birth to be anointed Royalty as Prince Charles, William or Harry were. In fact, most of them had just the opposite experience as children. They had an upbringing of extreme poverty, broken homes, despair, and repeated failure. Despite these obstacles they still rose to become icons of success and possibilities. They grew into becoming ‘World Changers’. If I could summarize what they all have in common and that they did to become who we know them to be today, it would be the following.

  • They chased their Dream – In every example, they not only started with nothing…and I mean NOTHING; they had a dream that they were willing to commit their lives to. Not a short-term fanciful wish but a definiteness of purpose that they HAD to accomplish and believed they could.

  • They are voracious learners – They didn’t reinvent the wheel. They found mentors in their industry to model their success from and not only learned from them they applied the knowledge. Though they may have added their own unique personality to their craft later, they all mastered the basics first…then added from there.

  • They have all withstood the test of time – None of the above are one hit wonders. They have maintained their continual growth and mastery over time. Not just years, but decades! Tony Robbins – 40+ years; Oprah Winfrey 40+ years; Steve Wynn – 50+ years; Peter Gruber 50+ years

  • Their work ethic was and is unparalleled – First to arrive, last to leave. Do more than is expected and be not weary in well doing for in due time you will reap the harvest. They all understood this and still apply it to this day.

The bottom line is that when you study, learn from, meet and get to know ‘World Changers’, you find out that what they did to become the best is really simple. Dream big, go for it, learn from the best, plan your work and work your plan, flat out do more than everyone else to achieve your hearts desire and never give up. Its simple stuff that anyone can do…it just ain’t easy. If it were, it wouldn’t be worth anything.

If you so desire with all your heart, you can be a ‘World Changer’. Stop doubting, dream BIG, learn daily, take massive action and never give up! It's only a matter of time before the world knows your name due to benefitting from your magnificence. We're counting on you!



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