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What Does It Mean To Fully Live?

“What does it mean to discover and live our dreams, even if these dreams will never make us materialistically rich?

What does it mean to live an authentic life?

What does it mean to feel deeply connected to our loved ones, or neighbors and our workmates?

What does it mean to fully explore our “one wild and precious life”?

Our culture and world, now, more than ever before, need strong, confident citizens and leaders with hearts on fire, minds that shine bright and soul singing strength. We are a nation of people turned sad and lost when we think that living the good life means to hold down the most prestigious jobs simply for the status given.

We are people who seek out the greatest material comfort with no sense of connection to our planet’s natural heavenly abundance, no connection to life’s grace. We are a nation of people weakened by too little adversity and too much purchasing power. We have become a nation of people adrift for want of a vision, for want of the hunger, the drive to come into the fullness of what it is to be human, We are a nation of people, starved for the food that is life.

This is a call to all who listen. A call to live our lives ferociously. This is our one-wild-precious life. We must claim it! We must own it as ours and ours alone! Let us not squander our lives. Every hour, every day is one small slice of time never to be re-captured nor contained. It is both wild and precious. Live it…all of it. Use it with as much awe, wonder, joy, and discovery possible. See how far we can take this course.

This life – it is our only inheritance. Our only wealth. Our ONLY treasure.”

The above written quote is breathtaking isn’t it? When I received this via text message recently, I was blown away and asked the same question you may be thinking also...” who in the world wrote this?”

At first, I thought this was from a story about Nelson Mandela, the late, great transcendent World leader from South Africa. Or perhaps this was written by the legendary Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time as the eulogy for his worldwide funeral. No matter the source, whomever wrote this, must be an iconic human being that is known throughout the world.

After finally being able to find out about the source later in the day, I learned it was written by a young man that the Dallas Observer would say NOT to take advice from…Huh?

You see, this quote was written by a man who for the past 25 years has sat at White Rock Lake, in Dallas, TX from 10-2 on Sundays with a sign that says, “Free Advice”. He’s provided just that to over 50,000 people during this time. One of those people happened to be a former team member of our organization in Dallas, TX by the name of Marci Siler.

The author’s name is Roddie and he is autistic.

Thank you for your advice Roddie, I’m taking it and paying it forward into the world through this blog. You are simply remarkable.

Thank you, Marci, for having the love and presence to speak to everyone regardless his or her first appearance. This is the essence of our Vision, ‘That all human beings discover their full potential’. I'm a work in progress doing my best to live this while people like Roddie are the standard bearers.



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