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If It Were Easy...

“I ain’t never learned nothing in good times” – Van Carrigan; Remover of Obstacles

Welcome to Spring 2022! This post is for those planning to CRUSH the remainder of this year and beyond and have it be absolutely epic towards the fulfillment of your lifetime vision. If this is you, read on big dreamer!

Now, I’m not talking about your run of the mill variety that with a little effort and intention can be accomplished in a year or two. I’m talking about a dream that will take a lifetime and perhaps beyond to accomplish. One that will take everything you have to give and then some. It may take decades of tireless effort, tremendous heartache, debilitating disappointment, and extreme resolve to continue to ‘believe’ that it is possible in the face of gut-wrenching adversity.

For most, this is a dream that would never be realized. It would exact too large of a price and cause insurmountable fear, doubt and worry that would then thwart the actions necessary to accomplish it. For a very few however…regardless the arduous and sometimes grueling journey; the unexplainable crystal-clear vision that is created out of their dream, calls on a strength and power that would otherwise never be accessible. It reveals a level of faith that imbues us with a deep sense of peace knowing that we are being used for a purpose much greater than ourselves and one that will impact humanity far past our lifetime.

The question isn’t whether or not you have a dream that big, the question is whether or not you'd be willing to do whatever it took to pursue it.

My father always used to tell me, “Son, be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.” For years I never got what he meant by that while thinking, “Why wouldn’t you want to get what you wished for? That’s the point isn’t it?”

Now I understand what he meant and the conundrum it can create when not having the ‘ears to hear nor the eyes to see’. Sometimes it’s not what you wish for that’s the challenge. It’s what comes with it that throws you for a loop.

Recently, my wife and I have spent a fair amount of time reflecting on our lives and the meaning of it while dealing with several challenges that have really had us question our dreams. As my dear friend and mentor, the late great Van Carrigan taught me, “I ain’t never learned nothing in good times”. Well, we’re learning…a lot…and when the voices of fear, doubt and worry start to increase their volume, we stop and look backwards for understanding and clarity. What we see again and again is truly what Napoleon Hill stated so eloquently in ‘Think and Grow Rich’. That in every seed of adversity lies a seed of equal or greater opportunity.

Though this may be true, it sure isn’t easy to focus on collapsing time to bring the benefits of the adversity to the present, rather than letting them sit in the future for realization at a later date. If you’ve got a BIG dream and are dealing with some trials and tribulations, worry not and realize it is a normal part of the process. If it were easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be worth nuthin’. It may also benefit us all to remember, In ALL things give thanks, for this too shall pass. Stay steady, committed and most importantly;



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